Pesticides: Dirty 13 and Clean 15 Lists

The Environmental Working Group has issued the 2018 Dirty 12 and Clean 15 produce produce list. They test to see the presence on pesticides in food and according to the results, produce items are placed in either category (Clean 15 or Dirty 13)

Why is this important?

Let me explain as simply as possible. Naturally, plants grow in fields and they serve as food for insects, birds and other small animals. This creates an ecosystem in which there is perfect balance. It is OK for an apple or broccoli to have a worm. It is normal for fruits and vegetables to smell and rotten fast because this is just the way nature works. 

Sadly, companies don’t like these happy ecosystems because they mean less profit for them. The easy solution are pesticides. They are perfect because they get rid of every bug that might want to get around the crops. As there’s no bugs, birds will be out of the picture too, since there’s no insects to eat. And so on… The only little problem is that this is not what nature wants. This is breaking an important ecosystem. 

As the best example, bees are dying at a horrifying rate. Ironically, they are the top pollinators in nature. No pollination = no new plants = no food for humans

How do pesticides affect your body?

The fruits and vegetables you eat are no longer full of life, they are full of chemicals strong enough to kill smaller living things. As you eat these produce, the pesticides will also kill good bacteria inside your gut. Just to show you the big picture, you have more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body. To keep them healthy and in balance is key for good health. So, just imagine the harm!

Research shows that most serotonin produced in the body is produced in the gut (not in the brain, like scientist though before). The American Phycological Association has a great article about this topic. Anxiety and Depression, among many other mental and behavioral problems can be a result of a sick gut. 

Dirty Dozen + 1 & Clean 15

How will these lists help you?

First, you’ll be able to eat healthier and keep your gut happy. Second, it will help you save money. For certain products, buying organic is a must, like with the Dirty 13 (previous Dirty 12); but for some other products, like the one on the Clean 15 list, you can just buy the conventional one and save some money. 

I hope you keep researching and get to know these lists well. If you want to know my personal story with organic food, you can read how organic food saved me. As you are becoming healthier, you might also want to read the 11 worst additives in food

Remember, knowledge is power,



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