My Pregnancy Week 9

Hello again, so this is week 9. I’m so excited! This week my baby technically became a fetus (it’s not an embrio anymore). That’s something to celebrate since the chances of miscarriage decrease significantly (thank goodness!). So here I go with my updates

How far along? 9 weeks

Baby at 9 weeks

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a green olive

This week’s video: Week 9

Total weight gained: I don’t have a scale, so I can’t give you an update. I’ll know next time I go see my doctor

Sleep: I’m sleeping better through the night, but I’m having crazy dreams thought. Still need naps to function. Last Saturday I took a 3.5 hours napcident (a nap by accident, something you do as a pro once you become a parent)

Maternity Clothes: other than sweatpants and stretchy clothes, I’m not even trying my pre pregnancy clothes anymore.

Best moment of the week: we moved, everything is still a mess, but it’s a process. The house is upside-down, but it’s our own upside-down house!! I’m so glad this baby will arrive with so much stability in his/her life.

Movement: nothing yet! I’m dying to feel it move already

Food cravings: fruits and chocolates

Food aversions: all meat, peanut butter. I did eat homemade burgers the other day though. I consciously knew it was good for me and I know I need it because my baby is starting to produce muscle mass, but I struggled and I tried not to think too much in the process.

Symptoms. Breasts tenderness: with my first pregnancy it was about two weeks of breasts discomfort and then it was gone. But now, it’s been weeks and taking off my bra really kills me. Morning sickness: it’s getting better. I can have breakfast now! Funny thing, now the nauseous feeling comes in the afternoon/night. I didn’t even know that was possible 🤣

Gender: don’t know it yet, but I’m dying to know. I’m not a patient person, so I’m counting down the days. I hope I can get to know around week 13, through a blood test (when the baby gets tested for any chromosomal abnormality, we can also find out the baby’s sex)

What I’m looking forward to: the holidays while being pregnant

What I miss: having a normal digestive system (you know what I mean!)

Next appointment: November 15th

In this picture: I’m in the front porch of our new house (the one with the tree)

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