My Pregnancy Week 8

I found out on October 7th, 2019 that I was pregnant. I’m so excited about being a mom for the second time! At the same time, I’m wondering how in the world are we going to make it work. I guess everyone wonders the same thing 😊

For the most part I’m feeling good, but this pregnancy is completely different from my first one. For this reason, I’ve decided to document my progress, I don’t want to forget any detail (like I did with my son’s pregnancy!)

Here it goes…

How far along? 8 weeks

Baby at 8 weeks

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a raspberry

This week’s video: Week 8

Total weight gained: -6 (I can’t eat much without feeling sick)

Sleep: At this point I can’t go through the day without a nap. When I get my son to take a nap, I do the same. Otherwise, I would be falling asleep by 6pm. At night, mostly, I sleep through the whole night; but some times I wake up and end up thinking about very random things. I’ve read this is quite normal during pregnancy. Probably is mother nature teaching us how to function while sleep deprived 😉 (witch will be my future once baby is born).

Maternity Clothes: amazingly, I’m already wearing maternity pants! With my son I could cover my bump until week 30, but with this pregnancy, I’m already showing a little bump! Well, they say with the second pregnancy, that’s how it goes…

Best moment of the week: we bought a house! We’re so excited and ready to a next chapter in our lives

Movement: no movement yet, but I could swear sometimes I feel a little tingle in my belly (probably my mind playing games)

Food cravings: fruits and scrambled egg with cheese. Also squeezed lemons!

Food aversions: all meat and peanut butter

Symptoms. Breasts tenderness: my boobs are swollen and hurt a lot. Sometimes I feel a sharp pain in one of them and then it goes away. I know it will be a little bit more until they go away. Morning sickness: I can barely eat in the morning. I can tolerate some fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe. Through the day I get a little hungrier and by night I’m ready for real food. I go from nauseous to hungry to nauseous to hungry in a matter of seconds.

Gender: don’t know yet, but I’m dying to know! As of now, I’ll try all the midwife tales to try to guess.

What I’m looking forward to: moving into the new house. I also want to stay active through my whole pregnancy

What I miss: eating without feeling nauseous right away

Next appointment: November 15th

In this picture: I’m standing in front of our old house, after we got the last things. Ready for the next chapter!

Here’s the progress of my pregnancy:

Some very helpful links to keep in mind

See you next week!



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