My Pregnancy Week 22

I’m officially on the 6th month, yay! We’re getting there, one a week at a time, I just need to be more patient. In case you don’t know, I’m going through a remote interpreter job training and, although it’s driving me crazy, it’s taking my mind from overthinking about my pregnancy and everything that comes with it. About this week…

How far along? 22 weeks

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a red bell pepper

This week’s video: Week 22

Total weight gained: -3. I haven’t gained any weight since my last visit. I truly don’t know how is that possible. I’ve been craving lots of sweets lately, but hey, I’ll take it! Now, don’t think I’m not willing to gain some weight through my pregnancy, but I’m not trying to gain excessive weight either, for health reasons. With my son I gained about 50 pounds, so believe when I say I understand I’m not eating for two

Sleep: I’m sleeping way better. I guess I’m getting used to sleeping on my side and waking up every time I need to switch sides. The other night I forgot to apply my sleeping blend and I slept so bad. Now I know I can’t forget anymore

Best moment of the week: Sunday, when my husband stayed with my son and I went to our local library to study for my interpreter exam. I guess I’m a geek, but for me it felt like heaven! I even came back with many books for all of us to enjoy

Movement: She’s now moving a lot more. For the first time, she kicked and I saw the right side of my belly move (Feb 9th). I’m not talking about the little kicks that only you can feel, I’m talking about the real kicks LOL!

Food cravings: scrambled eggs with spinach

Food aversions: meats

Symptoms. Morning sickness: I still have morning sickness, very mild though. Heartburn: OMG! The morning sickness is not even gone and I’m already feeling heartburn!? I got it about 5 days of the week, and let me tell you I don’t feel happy about it!

Gender: you might know now: it’s a baby girl!

What I’m looking forward to: Spring and hopefully a trip before giving birht

What I miss: laying on my stomach. Actually, over the weekend, my husband was laying on his stomach while he was on his phone. I came over and hated him a little, he probably wondered why I was so mad, then I explained him I just felt so freaking jealous because I couldn’t do the same. I know, I’m going nut! LOL!

Next appointment: I really don’t know. I requested to see a midwife for the next appointment, so I’ll call next week to make an appointment

In this picture: I’m at my friend’s house. I’m not going to lie, this picture is from week 23, I couldn’t get a decent picture of week 22 because I had no time due to the training, and when I did I looked so exhausted.

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