My Pregnancy Week 21

This week has been a little chaotic. With the job training and everything else, I don’t know how I’ve been able to achieve so much while being pregnant… but I’m doing it. I guess staying busy doesn’t leave me much time to be anxious about my pregnancy LOL! It has helped me to focus in the training and not waste time thinking too much about how slow weeks are passing by or how much stuff I need to buy before my baby arrives. One thing at a time! About this week…

Baby at 21 weeks
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How far along? 21 weeks

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a large banana

This week’s video: Week 21

Total weight gained: I’ll know on my next doctor’s appointment

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping pretty bad lately. Normally I sleep on my back, but now I can’t and every time I change positions I wake up. This happens every 2 or 3 hours. The worst part is that I dream all night, so when I do sleep, my mind doesn’t rest. Something that adds up is that my son has been walking up EVERY night, ever since I got pregnant. He was sleeping through the night, but somehow my pregnancy has affected him. Well, this week I was determined to find a solution to both of these issues. I created a blend of essential oils and a miracle happened: my son sleeps through the whole night and I was able to rest better while I was asleep. Here’s the blend I made, hope it helps you too!

Best moment of the week: Friday! Ha! Sorry, but this training is driving me nuts! A heart-warming moment this week was when I got a package on the mail from a high school friend. She sent me a whole box of baby’s clothes. I praise life for real friends 🙂

Movement: She’s a dancer. She moves a lot now, in a very structured way, and not as erratic as before. On Sunday, my husband started moving my belly and saying “hey girl, wake up!” and she kicked his hand back. We laughed and he now knows she’s not playing games

Food cravings: I’ve been eating lots of sugary, not-so-healthy snacks. For some reason I’m craving lots of sweets. I’m kind of forcing myself to eat healthy food. I’ve also realized that every night, before bed I crave Apple Cider Vinegar. I drink 2 TSP with water and it helps me when I feel too full to go to bed. I’ve also noticed that even when I’m not full, I still crave it. I guess it covers the need for something sour

Food aversions: meats

Symptoms. Morning sickness: it’s very mild now. I believe my job’s training has given me some anxiety and that’s overpowering the nausea. Bleeding gums and nose: my gums bleed about half of the times I brush my teeth and my nose bleeds very often when I blow it. I’ve read it’s due to the increased amount of blood in my body. Darker spots: My underarms and nipples are way darker than usual. I read this is normal and it happens because when babies are born, as they can’t see well yet, the darker nipples will help them locate the breasts.

Gender: in case you don’t know yet, it’s a girl

What I’m looking forward to: finishing this training

What I miss: Sleeping on my back

Next appointment: February 4th

In this picture: I’m standing on the guest’s bathroom. I guess my life is not so exciting anymore. When I was pregnant with my son I also got a weekly picture and they were a lot more fun, LOL!

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