My Pregnancy Week 17

My baby

Week 17 has been a week full of emotions: I got bronchitis, we found out the sex of our baby (I know! Keep reading!), it was my birthday (December 31st), New Years. All of this happened from Monday to Wednesday, it was really crazy! Well, let me get into the details…

How far along? 17 weeks

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a large onion

This week’s video: Week 17

Total weight gained: -4lbs (any weight gain might actually be from Christmas, and not from the baby though LOL!)

Sleep: This week I’ve slept like a baby, I’ve been taking 3 or 4 hours naps, my body has really been going through so much!

Best moment of the week: Well, of course, when we found the sex of our baby! I can’t believe I managed to have the pacience to wait until December 30th

Movement: I feel it, specially when I lay down. It can’t be seen or felt yet

Food cravings: bananas with condensed milk and more grapefruits and lemons

Food aversions: meat, coffee, hummus

Symptoms. Morning sickness: this week has been bad. I believe the bronchitis had to do a lot with it. I even puked vile in the monring con December 30th and 31st. Back pain: since I broke my tailbone as a child, I know that little extra weight in my belly is already making a difference. I can feel it already and even simple tasks are getting a little harder

Now, what’s to have bronchitis while pregnant? Let me explain you. On December 19th I met with a friend who was diagnosed with bronchitis the day after. Both my son and I started coughing and sneezing, but I actually thought it would just be a regular cold. By December 29th I had a horrible cough attack, and if it wasn’t for my Peppermint Essential Oil, I don’t know what I would have done. It helped me breath normally again. By the 30th, I woke up coughing and puked vile. From coughing so much, my head started hurting. At this moment a blend of oils called Past Tense helped me manage the horrible sharp pain I had every time I coughed. From the freaking cough, my lower belly and back started hurting too. For the lower back pain I used a blend of oils called Deep Blue. I was also shaking (because I felt cold) and did I mention I also felt nauseous? At this point I realized this was not a normal cold. Kind of slow, right!? On that night, my husband asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, December 31st, and I told him we would decide when I woke up, depending on how I felt. On the next morning, thankfully I had all the symptoms minus the headache and lower belly and back pain. We went to have lunch to a nice restaurant and went back home, so that I could hibernate. I coughed so much that I peed on my pant about 3 times… thank you pregnancy! I took a 2 hours nap, which is not what I would normally do on my birthday, and received the New Year together at home. On the next morning I woke up feeling better and I’ve been getting a little better each day since then.

You know what’s the funny thing? I never went to the doctor because I kept thinking it was going to go away. I also didn’t get any medication. I managed all of it on my own. We, women, are really superheroes! I don’t believe I could have done it without my Essential Oils though. I constantly used Peppermint Essential Oil over my chest and neck to be able to breath; Past Tense, for the headaches and Deep Blue, for the body pains. I managed and I survived 😉

Gender: It’s a girl! I had the appointment on December 30th (exactly on the day that I felt the worst). I smelled like 3 different Essential Oils during the appointment LOL! We asked the doctor to tell us that everything was good so far and then tell us the sex. Now, my husband didn’t want to know the sex and I was dying to know since then one. We agreed that I would know and he wouldn’t, which is what we actually did when I was pregnant with my son. I eventually told him about a month later. When the doctor finally showed me a piece of paper that said “girl” I truly tried to fake my excitement. I turned to my husband and told him he really really really needed to know because I didn’t know for how long I was going to be able to keep it to myself. I begged him and even asked him for that to be my birthday gift. He finally agreed and the doctor told us that it was a girl!!! I think I even screamed a little bit and him… he couldn’t stop smiling. We both wanted a girl, so now we’re more than excited to welcome a little princess in our home. Knowing it is a girl made me feel a little better during the worst day of the bronchitis, no doubt. Here’s how we revealed it to our friends and family

What I’m looking forward to: feeling better

What I miss: summer

Next appointment: January 9th

In this picture: It was the first day of 2020 and I took my son on a walk before it got too cold

As this week ends, I’m ending the fourth month. I should be at a point where I should start feeling better, in regards of the pregnancy and the bronchitis.

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