My Pregnancy Week 16

My cousin walking with my son and the doggies (Petunia and Taz) at Home Depot

I was pregnant with my son during the holidays, I just didn’t know. I thought my stomach was upset because I had overeaten (LOL!), but I didn’t know that was a sign of early pregnancy yet. It’s very exciting to be pregnant during the holidays. You really feel extra special because you’re carrying a beautiful gift inside of you. Also, you wonder how the next holidays will be like, with the little one at home. Definitely, very special and heartwarming.

My cousin arrived super early on Monday morning (2am). His company made a huge difference, since I was home with our 3 babies (1 human and 2 doggies).Well, about this week,

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of an avocado

This week’s video: Week 16

Total weight gained: no updates

Sleep: I don’t know if it’s because we’re sick, but I’ve been super sleepy. I feel like caffeine would help a lot, but I’ve cut it off completely

Best moment of the week: Christmas

Movement: my baby is there, moving and happy.

Food cravings: key lime pie (I made a huge one for Christmas, yummy!). Check it out here 😉

Food aversions: coffee

Symptoms. Morning sickness: it’s freaking back! How’s that even possible? I’m back to eating twice, around 10/11am and 5pm. Well, I don’t mind it, as long as I take my prenatal vitamins. Headaches: OMG! These headaches are driving me nuts! I know they’re caused by the excess of blood in my body and my hormones, but come on, I’m kind of done with them!

Gender: still don’t know, I think it’s a girl, but I believe we’ll find out on our next appointment

What I’m looking forward to: knowing the sex of my baby and my birthday

What I miss: feeling well, I feel like crap. I’m suspecting I might have bronchitis

Next appointment: December 30th

In this picture: Our bathroom. I was fasting, that’s why my belly looks smaller than in previous weeks

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