My Pregnancy Week 15

This week has been hard, my husband traveled to Mexico to deal with some family things on Thursday. I’ve been in charge of the house, my son and our 2 bulldogs. I’m also pregnant, with constant nausea and headaches. You can just imagine my week. But I’m strong, I can do it. Well, about this week…

How far along? 15 weeks

Baby at 15 weeks.
Picture from

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a pear

This week’s video: Week 15

Total weight gained: -5 lbs

Sleep: I normally sleep facing up, but I’ve noticed that I can’t sleep like that anymore. My lowerback hurts a lot. So, from now on (and for a while) I’m sleeping on a side

Best moment of the week: seeing my friend. As a mom, our social life is very limited. Well, I took advantage because my husband was away and took my son with me. We had fun, it recharged me.

Movement: I have a little dancer in my belly. I feel it move, specially when I eat something. It can’t be seen by others yet

Food cravings: fruits. When I met with my friends on Saturday, I had not eaten all day, other than an apple. When it was time to order, I asked for a cheeseburger with French Fries and I devour it! I know this week my baby is building even more bone and muscle. My sudden craving for meat makes perfect sense

Food aversions: anything I ate the day before

Symptoms. Morning sickness: How in the world did it come back? I thought morning sickness was gone, for good! Headaches: they come and go, I’m getting headaches 3 days of the week, on an average. Thank goodness for my Essential Oils, which safe me over and over!

Gender: still don’t know. We might find out on December 30th. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

What I’m looking forward to: Christmas and my cousin, who is coming to visit us

What I miss: my family!! I feel so emotional and homesick right now!

Next appointment: December 30th

In this picture: I’m in our bathroom, right after my son finally fell asleep

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I have many things to keep my mind busy this week, I just hope I keep feeling better. On the mean time, it’s time to celebrate and get ready for Christmas,



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