My Pregnancy Week 14

Yay!! We made it to the second trimester! I couldn’t be more excited: I’m already feeling better and many risks, common in pregnancy, have decreased by now. About this week…

How far along? 14 weeks

Baby at week 14.
Picture from

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a navel orange

This week’s video: Week 14

Total weight gained: -5 lbs

Sleep: I’m sleeping better during the nights and I can even say some days I can survive without a nap. I still try to take a nap because I’ve notice my mood is way better when I take one (well, in the worse case scenario, I can always blame it on the hormones!)

Maternity Clothes: I had to buy a dress this week. I went to a regular store and found stretchy dresses, ended up buying 2 and I feel confident enough to say I’ll be able to wear them by the end of the pregnancy and even after my baby is born.

Best moment of the week: I was hired as a photographer for an amazing event. I attended a couple of weeks ago to the press conference, but now it was the premier of a the short film “El Poder de Ser Mujer” (which means: the power of being a woman) and it was amazing.

Movement: this Saturday I wasn’t feeling hungry all day. I didn’t feel nauseous, I just wasn’t hungry. After about 8 hours, I finally got hungry and ate some yogurt with dried cranberries. Then I laid down and IT HAPPENED! My baby had a party in my belly. I was so excited, because I had been waiting for this moment all this time. I felt it move for a while and my heart got filled with love ❤️

Food cravings: fruits, salads and chocolate

Food aversions: meat and anything I was craving the day before. Ha! I’m basically like a picky toddler.

Symptoms. Morning sickness: I feel great now, but the only bad thing is that I’m constantly hungry. I’m usually an anxious eater. During the time I had morning sickness, I only ate when I felt hungry, and it felt amazing because I felt in control. Now I’m eating all the time and I know I’m pregnant, but I also know the saying “you’re eating for two” is not true. Lower back discomfort: I’m starting to feel the extra weight. My back is starting to suffer from it. Although I don’t show a real bump yet, there’s extra weight from my uterus, the placenta, the amniotic fluid and the baby. Circulation: I’ve noticed my lower body circulation is not as good as it was. My legs get numb very fast. I have started to raise my legs every night against a wall before I go to sleep. I’m also trying to stay active, even a small walk is better than nothing.

Gender: I think it’s a girl, but I still don’t know for sure

What I’m looking forward to: Christmas and knowing my baby’s gender

What I miss: right now, my family. During the holidays, I feel very homesick.

Next appointment: in January

In this picture: in my kitchen, after meeting with my friends

This is it for this week.

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