My Pregnancy Week 12

Being pregnant is a mixture between wanting time to go fast, not only because there are so many risks, but also because you want to meet your baby. At the same time, you want to stop time to enjoy every single second of the pregnancy. I personally love being pregnant, I love witnessing how nature is so amazing and how my body is so perfect (to even create a mini-me!). I think many of the discomforts during pregnancy will go by and, most likely, I will forget them. The joy of knowing I grew a baby inside of me will last a lifetime 😉 About this week…

How far along? 12 weeks

Baby at week 12.
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Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a lime

This week’s video: Week 12

Total weight gained: -7 lbs

Sleep: I need to nap daily! I’m a coffee lover, but during this pregnancy, I’ve not been able to drink it (not even once!). I believe that the lack of caffeine also contributes to the fact that I can’t go through a whole day without a nap.

Maternity Clothes: I have one Old Navy pair of jeans, very nice and inexpensive

Best moment of the week: Thanksgiving dinner. We stayed home only my husband, my son and I. We wanted to stay and be together to honestly be thankful for this year’s achievements and blessings in our new home. Without even trying, we kind of started a tradition: we cook new food and I make new desserts from those recipes you find on Facebook or Instagram (those ones that mostly no one ever does!) Our new creations were Au Gratin Potatoes and Pumpkin Cheesecake, and they were delicious!

Movement: I’m not feeling movement yet, but I can’t bend forward without feeling the urge to get back to sitting straight, like when you tie your shoes. I can’t lay facing down either. I’ve been playing around with different postures in order to do it, but starting this week, I can’t try to fool myself anymore.

Food cravings: I craved meat one day, for the Thanksgiving dinner. And it was delicious!

Food aversions: most things that aren’t fruits

Symptoms. Morning sickness: I’m not feeling as nauseous, but I still can’t eat like a normal person. Somehow I think I’m getting better, I would say a 40% so far. Circulation: I’ve started to notice that I’m starting to retain fluids. I can tell my circulation is not as it used to be. Dor this reason, I’m really trying to at least walk every day

Gender: still don’t know, so I’ve decided to just let it go; otherwise I’ll go crazy!

What I’m looking forward to: buying a couch and the washer and dryer for the new house

What I miss: being able to lay on my belly

Next appointment: 12/11

In this picture: I’m in the guest bathroom. Trying to look natural 😉

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