My Pregnancy Week 10

We made it to double digits baby! I’m at 25% of the total, cool right? I’m excited and nervous, which is something pretty common for pregnant women, I believe. I want to enjoy my pregnancy, but I’m also marking down the days as they come by because every extra day means one more day of development for my baby.About his week…

How far along? 10 weeks

Bbay at week 10

Baby’s size: he/she is the size of a prune

This week’s video: Week 10

Total weight gained: -5 lbs

Sleep: I’m like a newborn, I fall asleep everywhere and at anytime

Maternity Clothes: I’m using stretchy and/or maternity clothes

Best moment of the week: when we went to the doctor on November 15 and saw him/her move for the first time ❤️

Movement: nothing yet. Funny enough, I’m having dreams in which I feel it move

Food cravings: sweets and citruses. This week I craved a steak and French fries. My husband was so happy because he’s the biggest carnivore and he loves it when we eat meat together. He marinated it to perfection, it was one o the best steaks I’ve eaten in my life! For sure, pregnancies make me do crazy stuff 🙂

Food aversions: I can eat scrambled eggs, but not fried or boiled (go figure!). I can’t stand meats in general and anything that I liked the day before (I’m like a toddler at this point. Whatever I liked on day 1, I might hate by day 2)

Symptoms. Breasts tenderness: way better. I’m using a bigger bra, which might be helping, but I don’t know for sure. Morning sickness: I have sickness through the day, usually in the afternoon/night. I can’t stand strong food smells. Emotions: I’ve been crying way more than normal. My emotions are all over the place

Gender: I.STILL.DON’T.KNOW! And it’s driving me nuts! Today I called the doctor to see if they had the results from last week’s blood work, but they didn’t. I guess I can just start stalking them starting on Monday.

What I’m looking forward to: knowing if the chromosomal abnormality test comes back normal. I know there’s no evident reason to be worried, but it’s still something I would love to not worry at all

What I miss: eating without feeling nausea afterwards

Next appointment: December 11th

In this picture: I’m in my bathroom while my son is taking a nap

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