How Organic Food Saved Me

I have always had skin sensitivity to strong detergents, to some deodorants, and to certain foods (if I ate them in excess). As you can see, it’s my body’s way to communicate something is wrong. Since I was a kid I’ve been detoxing myself from time to time and it always did its magic. I lived in Peru and food is more natural, so, it didn’t take much effort to eat healthy, at least healthier than in the U.S.

Then the problems started

On 2007 I moved to Maryland, USA. On 2010 I developed acid reflex, I was running at the time and it was so bad I couldn’t eat anything about 5 hours before my runs or everything would come back my throat through the run. A doctor recommended medicine for acid reflex, but I had a problem, I was getting it every time I ate something and the medicine said it could only be taken twice a day. My doctor recommended 2 different kinds, one in the morning, one at night. But I was hesitant, I was 23 and I didn’t want to take so much medicine. Then something opened my eyes, on 2011 I traveled to Peru to visit my family, I ate from the moment I got there to the moment I left and I didn’t have acid reflex once! Which means I didn’t have a problem, my body was not the problem, the problem was the food I was eating. I came back to the US and the reflex came back too.

I adapted my diet and stopped consuming fried foods, onions and garlic. They were my biggest triggers and I knew that if I ate even a little bit of them, I would have reflex all day long.

Then my skin gave me a warning

On 2014 I developed eczema and allergies. I knew this was not part of me because I never had any of these symptoms. Let me say it this way, as a foreigner you get to see life differently: growing up in Peru I only met one person who was allergic to something (to seafood) and I never met anyone with eczema. As a matter of fact, I had no idea what eczema was; but in the US everybody has allergies, even babies are born with eczema, which tells you there has got to be something else going on. In addition, My triglycerides were high (they were at 200, the maximum should be 150) and I was gaining weight, even when I was eating “healthy”

At this point I was determined to heal myself, from the inside out. I tried medicine, but it only worked as long as I was using it; if I stopped the reflex, eczema and allergies came back.

I decided to go big, I started learning about GMOs. And let me be honest, I actually had some doubts about organic stuff. I was wondering if organic food was just more expensive because they were trying to make money. I actually didn’t know if it was true or not, but I decided to give it a try.

The healing

Remember I mentioned I couldn’t eat fried food, garlic or onions. Well, guess what? Now I can eat my “reflex triggers” even together, but as long as they’re organic I’m good.

The change didn’t happen one day to another. I had to learn to read labels. I learned that I shouldn’t consume anything that I couldn’t pronounce easily because they simply didn’t belong in my body. Things are pretty simple: if they food doesn’t come from a tree or the ground, it comes from a lab. Check this out if you want to know the

This is where my passion started about nutrition, exercise, eating organic and health overall. Now I make sure that I eat healthy and that I use my essential oils. I detox regularly, I make sure my immune system is working at its best, and that I’m not sabotaging my efforts with bad decisions. Ironically, I’m very grateful that all of this happened to me because it made me open my eyes. I learned so much from this experience and now I’m able to help myself, my family and YOU in the process. Remember, knowledge is power!



I am a mom. I love running, cycling, photography, reading, painting, meditating and essential oils. If I can inspire just one soul, I'll be happy

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