Essential Oils for the First Trimester

Last week I found out I’m pregnant and it fills my heart with joy to know I’m healthy; that I’ve chosen a healthy lifestyle; and to know that I will really do the best for my baby (and that makes me feel so empowered!). Pregnancy is so beautiful! On the other hand, I want to point out, for those who don’t know, some common early signs of a pregnancy that are not so beautiful. Here are some suggestions for some of them and what I’m doing to overcome them. But first, let me go through some important facts about essential oils…

Safety during pregnancy 

Choose the right brand

Essential oils are no strangers to the human metabolism because they can be found in what we eat and drink daily. Now, here comes the tricky part. Pure, well-tested and therapeutic-grade Essential Oils are the best thing you can use through your pregnancy. Cheap, store-brand and not well tested Essential Oils are not. Even some recognized brands won’t provide the quality you need and deserve, so I would be super careful about choosing a good brand. Please don’t believe me, take a look at this independent study where they compare popular essential oil brands: Best Essential Oil Brands Based on In-Depth Reviews, read this and compare for yourself. I’ve read in many places that taking Essential Oil internally during pregnancy is safe. Please keep in mind I’m only talking about the ones from doTERRA. Sincerely, in my personal opinion, I would use them when it’s necessary only.


In addition, when you’re pregnant, you can be extra sensitive. Your sense of smell is super sharp. Start by putting some oils in a diffuser and see how you like them, if you don’t like it, you can always turn it off. When applying them topically, please don’t forget to dilute them, even a little more than normal, because you’re skin will also be more sensitive than usual. You also want to keep in mind that some essential oils are photosensitive, it’s usually all the citruses. Applying them topically and then exposing yourself to sunlight is not a good idea because it can leave spots on your skin, specially when pregnant

What Oil to avoid during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should avoid essential oils with high levels of phenols, ethers and aromatic aldehydes, as they can sometimes irritate the skin due to their molecular shape.


You’ll fall asleep earlier, sleep longer and need naps…just like a baby!! Well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be mentally awake when you’re supposed to be functioning and being productive.

Some great oils that have helped me be awake and aware are:

Wild Orange and every other citrus oil because they have the ability to uplift our mood
Peppermint because it clears the airways, therefore you get more oxygen and your brain is “awake and functioning”
Rosemary has been proven to increase focus and concentration

I’ve made a 30ml roller with 10 drops of each Essential oil mentioned above and I top it off with fractionated Coconut Oil. I then apply it to my neck, the back of my neck, and my wrists. Diffusing these 3 oils also works amazingly! Remember, you need to listen to your body, if you can, take naps. Remember you’re creating a human being inside you!

Bloating, Gas, Heartburn and Constipation

Not a nice part of pregnancy, but I actually went to the doctor a week before I found out I was pregnant to figure out if I was intolerant to some type of food or if I had a stomach virus. Turns out my stomach virus will take 9 months to become a baby!! The reason why your stomach feels so upset when you’re pregnant is the progesterone your body is producing, in huge amounts.

Some great essential oils are:





They all aid with digestion and will help you alleviate all kinds of digestive discomforts.


Before I found out I was pregnant I thought I was losing my mind, but now I know it was just the hormones. I’m not crazy, I’m just pregnant. There was a day when I literally told my husband “doTERRA just saved your life. It saved you from me!”. Here are some great oils that will help you with your mood

Balance because it helps you feel grounded and present

Clary Calm because it has Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage, which will help you have your hormones in balance and Lavender, Chamomile and Cedarwood that will help you relax. My friend recommend me to get an empty roller and divide its content into 2 rollers and fill them out with Fractionated Coconut Oil. You want to get the benefit from this awesome blend, but you don’t want to mess up too much with your hormones (remember your baby needs those crazy hormones right now)

Wild Orange, again, because it will hep you uplift your mood, as it helps with anxiety too

Increased sense of smell

During my first pregnancy I couldn’t stand smells, perfumes, soaps, detergents, etc. I even got dermatitis from using regular body sprays. But that was before I discovered Essential Oils. My sense of smell is very sharp now, but let me tell you, I don’t dislike any Essential Oil. As a mater of fact, I still love them as much. Also, doTERRA’s Essential Oils are safe, pure and therapeutic; so I know I’m not getting toxins into my body unintentionally.

Particular rejections to food

You might end up liking stuff you never liked before or disliking what you have always loved. Each person and pregnancy is different. Just go with it 😉

Morning sickness

With my first pregnancy I never had morning sickness; but with this one, I’m barely eating. I go from starving to sick, to starving; there’s no middle ground.

Some oils that have helped me a lot are:





Slim & Sassy

Whenever I feel nauseous, I grab a 1 litter jar, fill it out with water and put 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (don’t forget to use a stainless steel straw). I also use a necklace diffuser and I put Peppermint and any other of the list I wrote above. I’ve noticed my day is better and feel less nauseated throughout the day.

Some people expect these oils to do magic and take the morning sickness away, but let’s be realistic, it’s caused by your hormones, so the only way to fix the problem would be to give birth. At the same time, I can tell you Essential Oils will alleviate those symptoms and help day go by smoother

Breasts soreness

Your bobbies are getting prepared, your milk ducts are getting ready and it hurts! Some great Essential Oil to apply are


Roman Chamomile


They all have soothing effects. One great way to use them is in a roller bottle. Add 10 drops of each and fill it out with Fractionated Coconut Oil

Increased Urination

Yes! Although your belly is not big enough, you’ll start peeing way more than before. Remember to drink more water since you’re creating 2 teaspoons of amniotic fluid per week (amazing, right?)

To Sum up…

Every woman and pregnancy is different, what may work for me might not work for you, and vice-versa. So, keep your mind open and keep trying new things to figure out what works for you.

Important Reading: Toxic Chemicals, Pregnant Women and their Newborns. For this reason, I will not get tired of sharing these lists 18 Worst Additives in Food and 18 Worst Chemicals in Beauty Products

If you use any other Essential Oil to relief some pregnancy symptoms, please share it in the comments, I would love to try it out! Also, if you have any questions about Essential Oils or pregnancy in general, you can always reach to me and I would be more than happy to help you.

Remember that knowledge is power,



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