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Although soaps clean you, they are made out of very dirty ingredients. No matter the brand, they usually contain very harmful ingredients that can irritate the skin, disrupt hormones and even cause cancer. Horrible right? You should read the ingredients from all your beauty products, just like you check your food’s ingredients. For this matter, I wrote:

When I first found out about all of these ingredients, I had to pull up the graphic in the article above and check the ingredients of every product I intended to buy. At first I was lost, I couldn’t find anything until I learned that in some stores and online, you can find healthier alternatives. BINGO! The only downside? Sometimes they can be very pricey. As an alternative, you can make your own soaps. I think you’ll spend around $20 dollars for 12 soaps, not bad, right? So here it goes…

What you need?

How do you make them?

Melt the soap base in a small pot. Remove from heat, add the Vitamin E & Essential Oils. If you want to use additional ingredients, some them should be applied before pouring in the molds (like fresh mint leaves), some can be applied after (like oats), depending on each case.

This pictures are from the day I made some soaps. If you want to get creative, you can try some of these soap ideas. I personally want to make the coffee, green tea and citrus soaps; but first, I want to master my soap-making techniques 😉 There’s just one little note, some of these recipes include colorants or ingredients with a lot of chemicals, I would go for safer options.

Keep creating!

If you’re into DIYs, you should check this out:

I hope you have fun with them. Please let me know if you make the soaps and how did you liked them. You can tag me @thechangecomesfromwithin so I can see your results too.

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