11 Must Watch Health Documentaries

You should watch these documentaries:

  • If you have any chronic illness
  • If you are feeling like you’re stuck
  • If you want to improve your health and your family’s health
  • If you feel like your health is getting worse
  • If medicine is not working anymore
  • If you are doing what doctors are telling you
  • If you feel like you’re just getting worse in you’re feeling desperate
  • If you feel like you’re in the rock bottom and nothing is helping you anymore
  • If your trying to start a healthier lifestyle and don’t really know where to start (or if it’s really worth it), I recommend you these documentaries/docuseries. I created this list over the course of 12 years and I hope they teach you as much as they taught me. You will become more aware of things you do daily.

Guess what? A lot of these symptoms can be just a sign of something else going on and if you fix your surroundings, most likely, things will start changing from the inside out.

1. Food Inc.

In this documentary you will see how the food industry is completely corrupted. In addition, you will notice that in order to feel better you actually have to take an extra step and pay closer attention to your food and habits in order to thrive and leave happily ever after.

> You can find it on Netflix and in YouTube

2. Fed Up

This one is about the dependence people have on sugar and about how it’s almost in every product in the market. It makes you see how sugar is affecting our lives and how if we don’t change the pattern, the future generations will see the consequences

> You can find it on Netflix and in YouTube

3. Fat, Sick and nearly Dead 1

Joe was a guy living like most people nowadays: poor diet, no exercise and with many pills o just get by. He documents his changes and progress, he changed his diet drastically and helped many in the process

> You can watch it here

4. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2

On the other hand, on the second documentary, he talks about what you need to do to make those changes last, not just as a quick fix, but actually make them a lifestyle

> You can watch it here

5. Broken Brain

This is a docu-series, you get one video each day for about a week, each day with valuable information. It will blow your mind! It talks about the connection between our gut and many different diseases out there. Also, of how we can change our reality just from changing our diet. They talked about many people with anxiety, depression, dementia, Alzheimer, ADHD and autism that got better (or even got cured) by changing their lifestyles, by eating better, and taking care of their gut. Well, after all your gut is our second brain.

Here is its website, you will need to subscribe and the will let you know when it becomes available again

6. The Truth about Cancer

This is another awesome docu-series that will open your eyes and it will blow your mind. They talk about so many allternative therapies for cancer and give you many tips on how to prevent it, live a happy life, be healthy and thrive.

Go to their website and subscribe to get one video daily. As of December 2018, they don’t have a free version, but I can promise you it is totally worth it!

7. The Magic Pill

If you are lactose or gluten intolerant, you eat a lot of carbs and you’re constantly tired, you have issues with your memory or mood, this documentary is for you. They talk about how many of these symptoms can be influenced by your food intake. In this documentary about 4 people changed their diet and you can witness their changes.

> You can find it on Netflix and here is the trailer

8. Stink

This one just came out on Netflix and it’s the missing piece. You can eat organic, you can exercise, you can take your medicine, you can take your supplements, you can do whatever you want, but if the source of chemicals keeps coming to you, you are still in trouble. This documentary will open your eyes on how you are getting toxins in your body every day and you don’t even know it. Even worse, you will learn there are no regulatory laws that protect the consumers

> You can find it on Netflix and here is the trailer

9. Earthlings

This documentary is very raw, if you are sensitive beware. This documentary is about how human beings take advantage of animals. They state animals are not our to eat them, dress with them, test on them or for entertainment. On a personal note, this documentary was the reason why I became a vegetarian over 10 years ago

> You can watch it here

10. What the Health

This documentary is about the different food types and how much of what we’re told is pretty much sponsored by the companies that sell them. If you want to get healthy, reboot your system and just feel better overall, this is a great documentary to watch. They also talk about prevention and avoiding illnesses in the future.

> You can find it on Netflix and here is the trailer

11. Super Size Me

Finally, this documentary is about a healthy guy who did exactly the opposite to all the other documentaries I mentioned, he went from healthy to not so healthy by consuming McDonald’s everyday. He proved that even the healthiest person can go downhill in very little time by consuming unhealthy food.

You can watch it here

Like I mentioned in the beginning, I hope you learn a lot from these documentaries, you’ll probably need a notepad for some of them. Remember, knowledge is power!



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