11 Best Healthy Beauty Products

As you may know, I did a little research study last month (December 2018), just to count how many chemicals were in our beauty products (225+ Chemicals You Put in Body Daily in Beauty Products). In case you don’t want to read it because you don’t want to freak out, don’t worry, I did the research, you just need to follow the instructions in this article and switch to the healthier options. Although my research study was very interesting and eye-opening, it was also very scary. Now, you need to know there is hope and it’s actually not as hard as we think to avoid all those chemicals. I’m not asking you to live in a cave, stink and forget about some of the luxuries you’re used to; I’m talking about finding better options for what you’re already using.

I need to clarify something: I was the kind of girl who used to go to Bath and Body Works during the semi-annual sale and spend $100 or more in products (being $3 to $5 each product…you do the math). As I was using these products (because they smell so good, I need to accept that!) I noticed some things happening in my body, like mental fogginess, weight gain, anxiety, etc. I really thought they were part of life, and it wasn’t until I payed close attention to each one of the chemicals in these products, and their adverse effects, that I decided to make a change.

Bellow you’ll see products that I’m currently using as a safer option to what I was using before. I am not going to recommend anything that I haven’t tried and loved.

1. Toothpaste

natural toothpaste

I use the one from doTERRA for 2 reasons: it’s made out of good ingredients and it helps my gums. This toothpaste isn’t made with bad chemicals. As a matter of fact, it’s made with many different Essential Oils. Did you know cinnamon and clove oils help your mouth and gums’ health?

Personal note: I got one specific spot in my mouth that bleeds every time I brush my teeth, and it’s been like this for the past 5 years or so. Since I started using doTERRA’s Whitening Toothpaste, within a week it stopped!

Lasts: about 2 months, for 2 people

2. Mouthwash

mouthwash made with essential oils

I stopped using mouthwash a while ago, when I learned about its ingredients. I simply brush my teeth. If I eat something and have bad breath, I put one drop of Peppermint Essential Oil under my tongue, wait for around 3 seconds, drink some water and boom! The bad breath is gone.

If you feel like you need to use mouthwash no matter what, here’s my recommendation: doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash. Like with the toothpaste, not only it doesn’t have bad ingredients, it has Essential Oils in it.

3. Deodorant

natural deodorant, aluminum free deodorant

This deodorant doesn’t make me stink, doesn’t make me develop dermatitis and it doesn’t contain aluminum. It’s a win-win situation!

Personal note: For the past 10 years I’ve been looking for a better deodorant that didn’t contain aluminum. The only problem was that every time I found one I would either stink or develop dermatitis. These deodorants usually had fragrance and, as you may already know, fragrance can be made out of 100 chemicals, which explains why my skin didn’t accept well the deodorants. One time it was so bad that I was here, in Maryland, in the middle of February, wearing a tank top because I couldn’t stand anything touching my underarms. It was horrible! This is why I really recommend doTERRA’s Natural Deodorant. Another awesome option is to make your own deodorant. If this is something you would like, check out my Natural Deodorant DIY recipe

Lasts: over a month

4. Shampoo & Conditioner

organic lavender shampoo

When I ran out of shampoo and conditioner, I decided to buy some that I thought would be better than the ones that I’ve had been using before. Then I wrote the article 225+ Chemicals You Put in Your Body Daily in Beauty Products and realized that they were still not good enough for me, and my new standards. I didn’t have shampoo or conditioner for about a week; and it took me about 45 minutes (in the store) to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner

Personal note: I do see a difference with the shampoo. For instance, it doesn’t produce as much foam as a regular shampoo. At the same time, I do feel my scalp is clean and it doesn’t itch, so it means it’s doing its job. In addition, the conditioner doesn’t feel as creamy as a conventional one. Nonetheless, it does untangle my hair and when it dries it looks nice, I like how it looks, which means it’s doing its job too.

I also want to mention that I’m adding 5 drops of Lavender, Melaleuca and Rosemary Essential Oils to my shampoo. There are many benefits to it, which I can explain later

Lasts: over a month for 2 people and a child

5. Soap

organic lavender shower gel

I’m currently using a soap from the brand 365, from Whole Foods. Another great option is Avalon Organics Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

Personal note: It does its job, I don’t smell and it’s not damaging or drying my skin. I do see it creates less bubbles, but I’m okay with that as long as it works

Lasts: about 10 days for a family of 2 and a toddler

6. Shaving cream

organic coconut oil

Coconut oil is inexpensive and keeps your skin glowing. Another option is conditioner, but an organic conditioner costs more than coconut oil. So, the decision is up to you

Personal note: Please be careful! Coconut Oil can be very slippery, but it is a great moisturizer

7. Lotion

You don’t really need one

Personal note: I’m using coconut oil as lotion, anyway, there is no way you can go wrong with coconut oil. I put it on my skin after a shower and I’m good to go. You can also use coconut oil as a make-up remover

When it’s winter time your skin need some extra love. You can try making you own Super Rich Body Lotion. It’s amazing, specially for dry skin

8. Face moisturizer

I still haven’t found the right one. So, if you can please tell me what you’re using, I would be happy to hear about it. I currently use coconut oil, but I know it’s not enough, so please someone help me!

9. Perfume

I don’t use perfumes anymore, but Essential Oils can be a great substitute.

Personal note: I use a blend from doTERRA called Clary Clam. I love the smell, but it also helps you balance your hormones. It’s really targeted for women, but both men and women can use it and experience all the great benefits. It’s a great substitution for a perfume, it smells amazing and doesn’t contain fragrance.

Please don’t limit yourself with Essential Oils, you can basically use any oil as a perfume (paired with a carrier oil). You can even make your own blend, the sky is the limit!

10. Make-up

I don’t usually wear makeup. I very rarely use concealer under my eyes, and when I do I use the one from the brand Younique (because it is accepted in the European Union, which means there’s a lot more supervision on what goes into these products). This makes me feel a lot more confident with what’s in them. I’m still looking for other options, I will let you know when I find them

11. Nail polish

organic, non toxic nail polish

I was pregnant with my son when I found out about the horrible chemicals in nail polish. On that same day I threw all of them to the trash and decided I would never use them again. So, for the past three years, I haven’t done my nails, not because I didn’t like the way they look, but because I know the bad chemicals they put in them. Luckily, about a month ago I found a non toxic nail polish that is water-based and environmental friendly. You can just peel it off, it doesn’t damage your nails and doesn’t contain bad chemicals. Bontime Non-Toxic Organic Nail Polish is the one I bought

Personal note: My nails look beautiful, but I need to admit, they don’t last long, from 1 to 3 days. The way I see it is that we’ve got used to a nail polish lasting weeks, but would you use a deodorant or lipstick that lasted that long? Well, the same policy should apply to nail polish. The one I found doesn’t smell as you apply it. Another great factor is that you can peel it off, you don’t need acetone to take it off (please Google “How to dispose acetone?”, you might not want to ever use it again).

The takeaway

Please, please, please, don’t say that everything is bad nowadays and that it doesn’t make much of a difference, because it’s not true. You can start changing your life just by making little changes.

On the same note, we control the industry. Let me explain, if more and more people stop buying certain product, companies will have to make changes to meet customer’s demands. If they don’t change, they go extinct. So, by buying safe beauty products, you are reshaping the reality

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions, I want to have different options. If you need any help in the Essential Oil World, just contact me. Keep reading and informing yourself, remember that knowledge is power,



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