10 Reasons to Ditch the Scale and 10 Things that happens when you do it

I have always had a love-hate relationship with scales. I loved to see the numbers I was looking for, but hated when (for no apparent reason) the numbers were higher than I expected. For some reason, I let a scale rule my day and some numbers, my level of happiness. I know it sounds kind of silly, but I couldn’t help it. The worst part is that I was probably doing great, but when the scale didn’t show what I wanted to see, I felt like my efforts were not making a difference and went back to my old eating habits. I was quitting even when I was going in the right path…

How it all got started

I don’t know exactly when, probably through my teenage years, I started weighting myself several times a day. Again, this number would determine my day and mood, so just imagine the emotional roller coaster I was in. Time passed, I improved, I started weighing myself only once everyday. I genuinely thought this was better and was fine with it. But, some years ago a coach told me that I should weight myself every other day, probably once a week. I couldn’t believe it, how would I live with that? It took a lot of effort, but I started weighing myself less and less. It was great, I was doing what I was told. The only problem was that the number in the scale would still be devastating for me.

This past April, I started a journey of weight loss after having a baby, so I started weighting myself every 2 or 3 days, but then if happened: my baby was weighting himself too, every time I did it! Now, I’m sure he was just amazed by the different numbers in the screen, but still, I was telling him it was OK to follow my example. I was transferring my problems to him and he doesn’t deserve that!

The change happened

I don’t weight myself! It’s been about a month and a half now. I know I’m losing weight because my clothes fit better and I feel better, I don’t need to see a number to know that. I decided I wouldn’t weight myself for a month, and guess what? The month passed and I still haven’t weight myself. I realized I was trying to lose weight to feel better overall, not for a number, and then everything changed in my mind. I feel free!

Which brings me to this post and the following lists

Reasons why your weight can change

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense to not weight yourself often (or at all). Here are some of the reasons why your weight could fluctuate from one day to another with no major dietary changes:

  • Lack or excess of fluids
  • You haven’t pooped
  • You are retaining water because you are eating too much salt
  • Your hormones!!! Women are like the moon, we are in constant change, there’s not one day that is the same to another. Think about all the preparation your body go through in order to have a period, just think about it: your body will build up everything that will be lost in a little matter of time and still, when that happens, everything needs to function in your body to perfection.
  • Any medicine that you take
  • Any preexisting diseases
  • If you’re exercising, most likely you are building muscle. Muscle weights more that fat, so you can keep the same weight, but look completely different
  • Your alcohol consumption
  • Scale inaccuracy
  • Stress. When you are stressed, you product the hormone Cortisol, which is not a friend of weight loss

What’s the best part of not weighing yourself?

  • You’re not stressed
  • You enjoy a piece of food without thinking about your next morning’s weight
  • You feel free
  • You focus in your long-term goal (not a number, but what you want to accomplish once you reach your healthy weight)
  • You give a good example to your kids, you teach them to love themselves. They will learn they can work on themselves without hating their image
  • We don’t get to confuse weight loss with fat loss
  • You will be more aware of your hunger cues
  • Binge eating with decrease
  • Counting calories will be something of the past. You will simply think more about the nutrients and less on the calories
  • It is just a number…really!!!

So please, learn to love yourselves, focus on your goals, and ditch the F#*$&# scale!



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