Hello everyone! I’m so excited to have you here!

This page is about wellness, in every aspect of your life. I’ll talk about food, exercise, meditation, therapy, and self improvement. In addition, I’ll talk about Essential Oils, Reiki, and Crystals

I personally dislike the idea of wellness as counting calories, proteins, carbs and fats; exercising to death; and expecting new results from old habits. There’s not magic pill, there’s no trick, the change really comes from within. This page is about forgiving ourselves, changing from the inside out, making peace with food and our bodies, and spreading it through the world.

Here are the steps you should follow…


Start by detoxing your body, mind and spirit. You might want to read 6 Ways to Detox your Body, 10 Reasons to See a Therapist and Essential Oils and Chakras

Choose Better

Continue by stopping toxins from coming into your body, mind, and spirit. Please read 18 Worst Additives in Food and 18 Worst Chemicals in Beauty Products. Stop doing things that don’t feel right in your heart and fight for your dreams!

Daily nourish and growth

Finally, keep nourishing your body, mind and soul daily. We can impact the world and others so much, just by the changes we make.

Please spread the word and never stop learning,

The change really comes from within